Salary advance loans

Our Salary Advance Loans offers you access to a bridging finance that allows you meet your financing needs such as bill payments or any emergency that may arise.

Salary advance

Salary advance loan is a 1 Month loan at 11% with limit available immediately after repaying the current loan. Salary Advance loan is Available to individual private sector employees.

  • Copy of ID
  • Employment letter & 3latest Pay slips
  • 3 months salary statement (Soft copy)
  • 3 months M-pesa statement (Soft Copy)
  • 3 months’ salary bank statements (soft copy)
Man using his phone to access the Jiajiri Salary advance
Why the Jiajiri Salary Advance loan?
  • Quick Processing
  • No security required
  • Easy to apply & Repay
  • Accessibility
Download Salary Advance T&C

How do I access this service?

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